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Any proceeds from your purchase or donations help the artist with ongoing major medical needs.

Robyn has endured four major surgeries in a year. As you can imagine, the out of pocket cost to preserve her life, vision and health has been staggering.

Thank you for supporting Robyn during her journey to recovery.

The Artist

Pop Art
  Recently, Robyn has become a brain tumor and multi-cancer survivor.
Any proceeds from your purchase help the artist with ongoing medical needs.

My journey into creating fine art started at the age of five. I would create
little picture booklets made of half-inch white pieces of paper bound with
one staple. I drew tiny images on the individual pages with a pencil,
glued one penny to the cover and gave them to people as gifts.

Growing up on a farm, my drawings were of animals or nature.
Even at that early age, I found that I was able to realistically
draw the things I saw.

Today I still have a deep love of animals, and paint
Pets in Art in various interesting styles.
In addition to the Pets in Art, I have always enjoyed
photographing and painting places that I have visited.

Someday I wish to soley paint beach scenes on an island by the sea.

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Ph: 630-344-9095

email: rsaundersart@gmail.com
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